The Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management is a non-profit association within the meaning of § 35 BAO whose activity is not for profit.


The purpose of the association is to familiarize the public with the knowledge of economic processes, in particular financial contexts, by conducting surveys, conferences, lectures, etc., as well as by publication series, thereby also promoting understanding of the significance and function of financial and securities analysis and investment advice ; to improve the methods of financial and securities analysis and to encourage and support institutions serving these purposes; to promote the education and information of the members and to cultivate cooperation with foreign associations of the same purpose.

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Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management
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Mag. Friedrich Mostböck, CEFA (President)
Mag. Stefan Maxian (Vice President)
Mag. Paul Severin, CEFA (Treasurer)
Mag. Dietmar Rupar
Mag. Andreas Wosol (Secretary)

Management of the office

Dr. Markus Bunk


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